The Habit of Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, it’s all about strategy. It is true that you must try the techniques, platforms, software and decide which you feel most comfortable working and with which you get the best results; However, everything should be part of a series of strategies designed in advance.

In previous posts we talked about the possibility of making money online with Affiliate Marketing, now, we will continue giving you some recommendations that you can take into account as part of your overall strategy. To sell with affiliate marketing without losing focus, you need to be clear about your roadmap

As I mentioned before, we already explored what Affiliate Marketing is, now let’s talk about SEO positioning on Page. It is all the resources that can be optimized within your own page to position it, so that before google, comply with a series of parameters that allow you to be in a good place within the search engine. Some of the most important to take into account are:

  • Load speed.
  • Web architecture.
  • Internal bonding.

All this depends only on you, and is not built in a day, requires a constant work, requires habits of enriching your page.

How can you make this a habit?

You must define a schedule of work practically immovable so that you not only work on your page when you have the time, desire or when you have something to say, but you have to do it periodically, after a while, you will not have to force you to do it, because it will have become a habit.

Simply start by making yourself the purpose of sitting at the computer for a limited time without distractions let’s say an hour a day to work on your page. Some habits have the power to initiate a chain reaction, changing other habits as they are established.
Celebrate your little advances. Small triumphs are just what they seem and are part of the process in which basic habits create generalized changes.

If you want to know more about how to form habits that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals, you should download The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg at

On-Page-SEOReturning to SEO, a great point to consider are the content
Within SEO On Page, also influences how the contents of your blog are written. Although your priority should always be your readers, it is also good to learn to please Google with your words.

The best way to pull traffic is to include those words or variations of the keyword in the same way that people type in the search engine when making your query.

Based on this, if you look closely, you will realize that what is really rewarding Google is to give an adequate response to the search that their users.
The practical way to get this is by inserting in your articles those words that users use to search Google.

Before you start generating content, you must have a full knowledge of your audience, you must know your demographic, psychographic and behavioral data, so you know what communication tone you should talk to them.

Remember, the cave is constancy, the habit of making it happen.

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