Buying Power Domains for Affiliate Marketing

In the last post, I talked about some of the benefits of domain investing from the perspective of flipping domains, without actually developing a website on them.

In this post, we’ll look at another strategy you can use to invest in domains: affiliate marketing.

How It Works

expiredThe basics are pretty simple, but the details are where it gets tricky, so stay with me for a minute.

Basically, every domain can either be a new domain (never was used for a website before) or an expired/expiring domain (was previously used as a website).

For the domain flipping strategy, you’re focusing your efforts primarily on domains that have never been used before, and are looking at the name of the domain itself.

For this strategy, however, you can look to expired and expiring domains available at auctions. Every website has some level of power associated with it. If you learn to read and understand the key metrics behind that, using tools like Moz or Majestic, you can find expired domains that were once powerful websites.

If you buy these domains, you can put up a new website on them, promoting an affiliate product. These sites will rank more easily in the search engines, meaning you’ll get organic traffic to them, and then when a visitor clicks your link and buys a product, you earn a commission!

This is a great technique to use if you’re looking to build a portfolio of recurring revenue streams, rather than make a one time profit. While it can take longer to recoup your investment this way, it also means that you’ll be able to develop significant income over time, via a passive income channel!

What To Do

Actually implementing this process is where it gets tricky. In order to be successful, you’re going to first need to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, and how to make money promoting other people’s products online.

I personally recommend this affiliate training from Affiliate 101, which will get you through the basics of everything you need to know. Visit the site to learn more.

Then, you’re going to need to learn more about domain authority and trust flow. There are two clear leaders in this space, Moz and Majestic. See this Majestic tutorial to learn more about their metrics, and watch the video below for an introduction to Moz domain and page authority metrics.

Then, all you have to do is start browsing domain auction websites, like godaddy and namecheap, looking for domains that meet your criteria!

This really is a great way to build a revenue stream that pays monthly profits, and can be a fun alternative to simply buying and flipping domain names!

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